Trauma Resolution Specialist

Resolution is a uniquely hopeful and healing pathway to recovery.

“Expect validation, relief and satisfaction. You don’t have to hit bottom and the root cause is not a defect of character. Process and discharge the residual distress that is devastating your life, relationships and livelihood”

Who I am

Trust is hard. Harm was done. I am here for you.

I provide evidence-based health and wellness support services – hazard and risk management, mediation and conciliation, trauma processing, and system navigation.

I create a deeply private and transformative experience for you and your trusted supports – grow capacity, competence, cohesion.

I advocate for safe supply psychedelic medicines and their use in healing complex trauma. Regain access to a more fluid and authentic self.

With my family, I raise and train medical service dogs for PTSD. Alert, interrupt, intercept, compress. Attach, regulate and repeat.

Your healing journey is unique. My approach is dual, bringing both microscopic (root cause) and telescopic (system) perspectives to resolution.

How I help

The urgency you feel makes sense given what you’ve survived. Process the past while preserving your present.

Assess – Hazards and Risk

Learn your vulnerabilities and understand how to plan accordingly. No more setbacks and no more dumping the harm on to others

Repair – Mediation and Conciliation

Embrace trust and grow with those around you by including partners, family and other supports. Get strategic, set goals, break generational patterns

Immerse – Trauma Processing

Access Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) to build robust recovery and wellness. Safe supply, rigorous preparation, active and engaged

Guide – Navigation and Advocacy

Justice. Mental Health. Substance Use … communications planning, strategic plans and guided implementation.

Your personal journey to wholeness matters – change your legacy in your lifetime.


Hazard and Risk Management


Mediation and Conciliation


Trauma Processing with PSIP


System Navigation

  • Influences – my values and sources

    06.04.2023Models/Modalities/Theories: in no particular order, these are some of the places I’ve been in my decades of journeying to learn trauma resolution. I’ll be highlighting these going forward. This month it’s Organic Stretching – an amazing pain management system originating out of the University of Chicago and crossing my path on the shore of Bahia […]

  • Highlights – CCTP course 2016/17

    06.04.2023I take notes in class. This year long training resulted in my CCTP designation – certified clinical trauma professional. 2016 was the year “The Body keeps The Score” sort of broke open what was at the time a very narrow world for the treatment of traumatized people. Bessel made up the diagnosis of PTSD in […]

Everything starts with a conversation – a no charge consult that will give me some context to your circumstances right now. What is happening and what do you want? You will leave with recommendations, tips, new concepts, alerts – simple and specific ways to keep yourself safe, motivated, hopeful. I start working for you right away and can give you some signposts to watch for as you move forward.

Choosing me as a service provider is the next step. My core focus is to grow and build your capacity to attach to others and your competency in regulating yourself. If it feels right and the information you got was helpful, we can start talking about what you need and how to get it.

First Session - Assess
An individualized hazard and risk assessment, specific to historical traumatic experiences (your ACE score, lack of memory, family of origin), and your current conflicts (substance use, parenting/partnering, occupational and moral injury). On-line or in-person, hourly
Next Steps - Repair
Resource building in preparation for trauma processing. I warmly invite trusted supports, partners and friends in, aiming to provision your daily life with real and accessible lifelines. Family estrangement is profoundly painful and isolating. My approach is an intimate mediation designed to validate and clarify relationships. On-line or in-person, hourly. Bundles available
PSIP - Immerse
With or without the use of psychedelic medicines, we start processing the residual, stored survival stress you are carrying. This may not feel comfortable or safe (the medicines allow for a deeper, quicker processing with the least anguish or despair). In-person, hourly. Retreat bundles available

There is a finite number of events you are still carrying/were unable to discharge at the time/never got help for. The closer we can get to root cause events, the more impact a small change can have on the quality of your life and relationships. I plan on taking you as deep as you can go as fast as we can and keeping you ‘there’ in a productive dynamic state. Like an urgent search and rescue, we are going back to find and recover you.

Navigation - Guide
You may be involved in systems that are challenging to navigate at the best of times – justice, substance use, mental health. It can feel impossible to know what to say, to whom, when and why. The narrative you believe may not be accurate and the trauma history you give may be incomplete. Reduce your vulnerability and preserve the resources you have.
I deeply respect the vulnerability and strength of folks living with the lingering chaos of traumatic experiences. Most everyone I work with lives with both chronic and acute suicidality – an on-going sense of not belonging and the terrible urgency of just not being able to go on. I reserve the right to act in your best interest when you are not able to – I will take action to keep you alive and well, and to prevent further harm to you and others.
I absolutely respect that your circumstances may be chaotic and that scheduling an appointment with a stranger feels impossible, especially when the topic is you and your pain. If your urgency is high, we can meet sooner – bring your crisis. If last minute panic sets in, we can adjust our timing via text. I can accommodate scheduling changes. I do not have a ‘pay if you cancel’ policy
I insist on safe supply medicines and acknowledge the widely varied legal status psychedelics have around the globe. I do not supply or administer medicine. I recommend regular thorough health checks to assess and manage chronic health conditions that often arise from unprocessed residual traumatic stress (auto-immune, heart, diabetes, respiratory ….)
My hourly fee is $240 CAD, payable day of/before each session through e-transfer or PayPal. My services cascade from personal risk management to retreat intensives, a single on-line session to multiple in-person sessions. For Repair, Immerse and Guide Sessions (couple of hours up to a couple of days) we can work on a bundled package. I am an approved vendor for medical financing through MediCard.
I am a safety expert, and when it comes to you and your welfare, my risk tolerance is pretty much zero. This site offers general information only and is not meant to replace medical direction/advice.
Public Safety Personnel, a Canadian construct that recognizes the common hazards and risks faced by many in their job. Police, Fire, Paramedic, Corrections, Border, Armed Forces, Search and Rescue/Recovery, Indigenous Land Manager, Intelligence, Dispatch and 911 Call Takers. This can be expanded using another innovative label TEP, the Trauma Exposed Professional, allowing us to acknowledge the unique and emerging risks in health care.

Traumatic stress can be an occupational or operational hazard. Moral injury can devastate careers. A warm welcome to anyone involved in the Restorative Engagement process related to military sexual trauma. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

What people have to say

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