Trauma Resolution Specialist

When talking for insight is no longer enough, trauma resolution can help.

If the trauma you’ve survived continues to impact your life, relationships and livelihood, I can help.

Resolution is a uniquely hopeful perspective on trauma recovery. My aim is to help discharge the traumatic stress you still hold, without simply dumping the harm on to others. Whatever the events were and however long ago they happened, there is a way through.

What matters now is restoring your sense of self, connecting with loved ones, and renewing your purpose. Resolution is an experience of validation, relief and satisfaction.

Who I am

It didn’t start with you. But it hasn’t stopped yet. Here you are, still hurting, still trying. Thank you for making it, for holding on and for being here.

I offer evidence-based health and wellness support services in the areas of substance use, family dynamics, chronic health conditions, and intimacy/sexuality/spirituality.

I am an excellent advocate, competency-based coach, family mediator and somatic/bodyworker. I use components from many modalities, curating a deeply private and personalized experience in healing and recovery. I welcome you to involve your inner circle and close trusted supports – strengthen and rejuvenate your home base. Tend to root causes now.

I have decades of experience in many justice systems – traditional (civil/common), Traditional (Indigenous), extrajudicial (human rights/victim offender mediation), alternative (organizational/incident investigation) and restorative (healing ceremony/medicines). Harm was done. I am not neutral. I am here for you.

My approach to resolution is dual – using a telescopic perspective to create context and some breathing room, new reference points, more reliable sign posts to better navigate and steer by. And the microscope, to seek out and give aid to the trauma wounds still raw in you. The help you needed never came and others around you carried on. Trust is hard. It’s on you now and you don’t have to struggle alone.

Now can finally be the time for your journey of inner search and rescue, recovery and resolution. I am comfortable being alongside deep distress. I understand the challenges you’re facing. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

What I do

Process the past while preserving the present – confident, guided, connected.

For those living with residual traumatic stress, the urgency you feel makes sense, given what you’ve survived. The source may be from childhood, an event, from an operational or occupational injury. There was a tipping point of overwhelm and a slippery slope ever since. The trauma resolution services I provide are intended to give you an anchor point and a plan. You can reorient your path.

My services range from one hour strategic conflict resolution sessions, dealing with the fall out of unresolved trauma within a family and community; to 10 plus hours over a few days, adding on layers of more in-depth and experiential integrative healing. I work on-line and do house calls, and retreats. My core offering to you is greater freedom from the default responses that the trauma has created. Robust recovery is possible.

Along with the four levels of service I outline below, I am a mentor and participatory researcher in this field – I’ll be posting about opportunities I create, to provide supervision and to generate change in our current mental health and substance use system, collaborating with those who are directly affected by its failures.

Working with me on resolving your trauma means getting real and practical help now, feeling more productive, strengthening relationships, establishing clearer communications and renewing trust. You deserved better back then, and need validation now. You’re still here reading with me so, we share some beliefs about hope. I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,


Take control in pivotal moments.


Well prepared and ready to travel.


You have decided I can help. Let’s go!


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