Influences – my values and sources

Models/Modalities/Theories: in no particular order, these are some of the places I’ve been in my decades of journeying to learn trauma resolution. I’ll be highlighting these going forward. This month it’s Organic Stretching – an amazing pain management system originating out of the University of Chicago and crossing my path on the shore of Bahia Banderas, La Cruz

TRE trauma release exercises – tremoring, using tension
CRM comprehensive resourcing model – neuro-biology
OI organic intelligence – the science of self organization
OS organic stretching – chronic pain management

Organic Stretching®: bodymind movements – YouTube
Organic Stretching is a natural stretching system for fluid connective tissue, healthy joints and increased range of motion; an individualized system developed from the principles underlying pain management therapy; experience the sensation of release

I attended a number of intensives and courses with Pat and it was effortless to integrate the simple guidelines for smooth motion and movement. Her assessment tools included kinetic measuring range of motion.
The most challenging aspect was the partnered work – two people seated back to back and somehow the one person initiates a small movement of pressure on the other, who responds and who then responds. Using another’s body to stretch against was exhilarating

I have used these tools when working in person, with a body on a table. I layer on other tools listed here but you can see what a lovely open window Organic Stretching can become
Shiatsu and Neural Flossing fit well too, tying the body in to a whole and reinforcing new pathways inside

RRT rapid resolution therapy – consolidating identity
SMP somatic memory processing – the body remembers everything
SP somatic psychotherapy – discharging the freeze response
TP transpersonal psychology – transcending the self
IEM integrated energy medicine – experiencing harm reduction
SP shamanic practices – retrieval and healing
MI motivational interviewing – collaborating with yourself
DH depth hypnosis – primary/first mind and root cause
ARP applied participatory research – involving partners/children/families
ORT object relational therapy – challenging shame and self blame
SC satisfaction cycle – cycle of learning and development
STDP short term dynamic psychotherapy – harness and use anxiety
BP/ST body psychology and somatic therapy – true groundedness
EFT emotional freedom technique – awareness without overwhelm
PSE psychedelic somatic experiencing – neuroplastic root cause
TTT tri-phasic trauma treatment – stabilize, process, connect
WOT window of tolerance – pain management, self advocacy
SRT self regulation therapy – capacity to regulate distress
TIR trauma incident reduction – going back with purpose
TFT thought field therapy – challenge deep distress
GI guided imagery – create positive experiences, hope
GM Gottman method – turning toward, preserving relationships
Microdosing – initiating BDNF surges for neurogenesis
Vagus nerve/Psoas – body intelligence, self management
Pain Science – acute vs chronic, strategic triage
ADR alternative dispute resolution – create inner diplomacy
SE situational ethics – finding the right way to move forward
ASR acute stress response – flight (depression), fight (anxiety), freeze (amnesia), fawn (suicidality)
Trance – left and right brain science, positive dissociation
RRC rest routine cleanliness – Dutch child raising values
You Will Know for Yourself – Finnish child raising values
Sundancing – my personal healing practice for over 30 years
Stop Chasing Pain – restorative movement, pain resolution
Medical Service Dogs – alert/interrupt/guide through trauma recovery
KIT ketamine infusion therapy – deep distress relief, suicide prevention
DDC Date’ discernment circle – group resolution processing
Shiatsu – trigger point physical release, energy clearing
Art Therapy – self awareness and determination
Nature therapy – exploration, retreat, environmental action
Systems navigation – justice, corrections, education, health
PII psychological injury index – whole person inventory
ACT acceptance and commitment therapy – psychological flexibility
ACE adverse childhood experiences – substance misuse and addiction
Competency-based Adult Education and Training – resolve your skills deficits
TapRoot Investigation – root cause analysis and risk management

Ella gray

I embrace complex healing, specializing in conflict resolution, violence and suicide prevention, and recovery.

My use of psychedelic medicines in these fields started with high doses in the 80’s, flowed in to decades of microdosing and now centers in PSIP, the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy model of trauma processing.

Medicine sessions are optional and always in-person.